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NCA (View)

"Royal Flush" accompanies the first, solo-museum exhibition to focus on Nina Chanel Abney's paintings since 2007.

The in-depth monograph includes over 150 illustrations, a preface by Richard J. Powell, texts by Natalie Y. Moore and exhibition curator Marshall N. Price, and an interview with the artist by Jamillah James.

Design + Concept

Using the manuscript as a springboard, this design attempts to convey a sense of "organized chaos" through riots of bold color and geometric forms, an overall grid structure that underpins the powerful imagery of Abney's paintings, and typographic and color treatments indexically
linking to the histories of art and design.


Sangli via Insigne Design and Calendus Plus via Atipo Foundry

Text Stock

100# Endurance Silk


Text Cover Stock

15 Pt Tango, 6.5-inch flap (softcover)



Spot UV and embossing

Printing + Binding

United States, 2017

Southern Accent (View)

"Southern Accent" accompanies the major contemporary art exhibition of the same name, and explores the complex and contested space of the American South.

This publication was co-designed with the help of Julie Klugman Braude in 2016.

The exhibition and accompanying catalogue investigated the many realities, fantasies, and myths of the South that have long captured the public’s imagination. 

Cover Image

George Jenne, Spooky Understands, 2013.​ Video (color, sound).


Nanami via Thinkdust and FF Tisa and FF Tisa Sans via FontFont

Text + Cover Stock

100# Garda Silk

15 Pt Tango, 8.5-inch flap (softcover)



Inside cover features full-bleed gatefolds

Printing + Binding

United States, 2016

Southern Accent was honored with a “Merit Award” as part of How International Design Awards in 2017, administered by How Magazine. Judge Ellen Lupton also chose Southern Accent as one of the top American designs in Print Magazine's regional design awards.

Uneasy Laughter

Pop América (View)

This 216-page hardcover scholarly catalogue explores Pop art as a hemispheric phenomenon and offers a radical new view onto the postwar "American way of life" and Pop's presumed political neutrality. 

Published by the Nasher Museum of Art.

On the Cover

Felipe Ehrenberg (1943–2017) is perhaps Mexico's most important experimental artist. For over 50 years Ehrenberg tenaciously and ingeniously contributed to the expansion of art and the territory it consumed. His wide-ranging body of work includes pop and conceptual art, painting, drawing, book-objects, performance, installation, theory, and other indescribable hybrids. Ehrenberg's practice was unapologetically unorthodox and a point of reference for anyone interested in the cultural transformations of Mexico since the 1960s.

His best-known work crosses cultural boundaries and explores the inherent power of language. In Ehrenberg's series of "cajas," or boxes, he utilizes shifting perspectives to create unsettling feelings in the viewer and provoke the idea of power and positioning. Tiny trinkets, like marbles, are often hidden inside the cajas rendering the art object a literal container of images. His work is humble in material and rich in concept. It exhibits Pop motifs like bright colors, appropriated and mechanically-produced imagery, and repetition of form all while remaining characteristically the work of Ehrenberg. 

Similarly, the catalogue employs such design devices as figure-ground relationships and textual treatments to call attention to the long and troubled history of the United States presumed ownership of "America" and Pop art.


Plaak via 205tf, Archer Pro via Hoefler&Co, and Helvetica LT Std via Linotype

Text Stock

100# Endurance Silk with spot varnish


Cover & Binding

Three-piece hardcover, boards trimmed flush to book block, CM Pearl Linen “My Peeps" cloth spine, 9.875 x 11.75 inches



Printed endleaves, foil stamped spine, and fully registered debossed type on front and back cover

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